Caring for Carers – online course


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Starting Tuesday 19 April for 4 weeks

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Are you caring for someone who’s approaching the end of life?

Would you like to meet other people in the same situation, so you feel more supported and better prepared?

We’ve developed this online course after consulting carers and it’s designed for people to share experiences, build confidence and learn new skills, making it feel more comfortable to talk about death, dying and loss. We’re committed to building a resilient and self-sustaining community of carers and everyone is welcome. This hour long online course will run on Tuesday evenings 6.30-8pm and will continue on a monthly basis and each week subjects are chosen by carers.


19 April: What to expect when you become a carer

26 April: Networks of support

3 May: Preparing for the future

10 May: What to expect towards the end of life


Our goal is to support people to feel better prepared for the death of the person they’re caring for, supported by the wider community and more confident and comfortable dealing with and discussing death, dying and loss.

We’ve created a programme based on consultation with carers and it includes discussions, workshops, formal learning and peer support – learning from others in a similar situation.

We want to normalise the caring experience – helping carers understand they’re not alone, learn key skills from each other and know when to ask for help. Because only those who care really know what it involves and what it feels like.

Recognising that time is at a premium for carers, the first set of sessions consists of four 90-minute drop-ins, covering topics carers tell us really matter to them, including what to expect as a carer, preparing for the future, and the dying process.

For those wanting to dive a little deeper into these subjects, spend more time getting to know other carers and further developing their confidence, we’ve created a second set of four two-hour sessions.

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