Informal Care Planning


Join via Zoom
Wednesday 8 June
11am to 12pm

“Nobody could care for them as well as I can”

A lot of carers tell us that they’re best placed to care for their person but they worry about a time where they may not be able to, either through poor health or just needing a break and trusting someone else to deliver their care.

This session will help you to think about what it is that makes the care that you give to your person the best, the little things that you know about them that you would want someone else to know too. Maybe how many sugars they like in their tea or how spicy they like their food. What really works for them in terms of their morning routine? What are their little quirks that you can have fun with to leave them feeling most comfortable and like themselves?

And we’ll touch on real practical matters too. Who would be the best contact if you weren’t available? What passwords would somebody need to access their phone or support with online banking and more.

Join us for what we hope will be a session not only providing you with some peace of mind, but also real comfort in the knowledge of all that you do which makes your caring the best.

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