Telling Stories with the Museum of London


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Open Wednesdays 10 – 4 from 6 April until 22 June, and Saturdays in May 10am – 2pm
St Christopher's CARE, 51-59 Lawrie Park Road, London, SE26 6DZ

Open Wednesdays from April to June, and Saturdays in May - private viewings available

Museum of London

The COVID pandemic affected many people in our community in different ways, particularly with bereavement.

The implementation of lockdown measures meant that the familiar ways in which we deal with grief and loss – such as being able to say goodbye in person, or conduct a significant ceremony – either changed beyond recognition or were not permitted to take place. In addition, our ability to support each other within our families and communities was limited by social distancing measures. All of these circumstances contributed to a deepening wave of isolation, and substantially affected the shape of grief.

Over the last few months, we asked ten people who experienced bereavement and loss during this time to share their personal stories with each other, and work together to decide what story they wanted to tell collectively. We invited them to take part in a storytelling project which would encourage them to share with each other and then create a collective story that other people could understand. The project was in partnership with the Museum of London, who commissioned artist Olivia Twist to attend and create a series of six illustrations portraying the themes of the stories told. Supported by Arts Council England, printed versions of the illustrations have become part of the permanent collection cared for by the museum.

These illustrations, together with spoken testimony and portrait photography, will be on display in St Christopher’s CARE for a period of three months. Come and see them, and share your own story too.

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