Tribute Tree

Our two unique handmade Tribute Tree sculptures are located outside the Pilgrim Room on the first floor and on the ground floor stairwell

"It is such a beautiful piece of artwork and now every time I see it, I smile and think of Dad"

A sample Tribute Tree leaf (not to scale)

St Christopher’s Tribute Trees are unique handmade sculptures that can be found at our Sydenham site.

Seen daily by our visitors, staff and volunteers, they help us all to remember and acknowledge those people who have been cared for by St Christopher’s.

Leaves are placed on our trees when families and friends have raised £1,000 or more in memory of a loved one, remaining there for one year (from the date it is first mounted), after which you will be given the option to renew for another 12 months, or have your leaf removed and returned to you to keep forever.

Donations do not need to be from just one person and can come from money raised in different ways, such as funeral donations or organising your own event.

When you have raised £1,000 or more, you simply contact us to request a Tribute Tree leaf. We will then have your leaf engraved with the name of your loved one or with a personalised message.

Place a leaf on the Tribute Tree

If you would like more details, simply contact Georgie by telephoning 020 8768 4684 or emailing