Managing breathlessness

A set of four videos designed to give people advice and information about managing breathlessness

Download our guide on Managing Breathlessness (PDF)

The use of fans is not being recommended during the coronavirus outbreak due to the risk of it spreading infection

For more information on managing breathlessness during coronavirus please see this useful guide (PDF)

Managing breathlessness

1. Managing breathlessness: Breathing

Why it's important to get your breathing right and how to retrain your breathing

Managing breathlessness

2. Managing breathlessness: Functioning

Why is it important to keep your body moving? Find the right level of exercise for you

Managing breathlessness

3. Managing breathlessness: Thinking

The way you think affects your breathing. Your thoughts matter

Managing breathlessness

4. Managing breathlessness attacks and panic

Practical techniques to help you when experiencing breathlessness or a panic attack

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