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Bereavement Help Point: Online

Bereavement Help Point

Find out more about Virtual Bereavement Help Point sessions and watch videos from volunteers and service users

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    Agreement attending Virtual Help Point Zoom sessions

    • Confidentiality: We will not share your information with anyone outside the organisation. Whilst we adhere to data protection regulations we cannot guarantee 100% confidentiality due to using the online platform, Zoom. We ask that you share outside the group only what you have learned about yourself. There is to be no recording of sessions.
    • Safety: Keeping yourself safe is paramount. Find a room/space where you are on your own, feel safe and cannot be overheard by anyone else.
    • Respect: It is important to respect your own grief as well as others. There is no one or simple path to follow. It is important to respect everyone’s right to grieve in their own way. We can compare but cannot judge.
    • Each person’s grief is unique. While you may share some commonalities in your experiences, no two of you are exactly alike. Consequently, respect and accept both what you have in common with others and what is unique to each of you.
    • Advice: We are here to share personal feelings and current concerns but are not here to fix problems. You are welcome to ask questions, make suggestions.
    • Feel free to talk about your grief. If, however, someone in the group decides to listen without sharing, please respect his or her preference. Avoid interrupting or speaking over someone else.
    • Feelings: Feelings are neither right nor wrong; they just are.



    Privacy Statement:

    All personal data will be handled and stored in accordance with data protection regulations and used solely for the purpose(s) outlined above. Clients may withdraw from the service at any time, but their details will be kept for audit purposes unless they instruct us otherwise.

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