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  • In the community, linked with a bereaved person/family who lives within one of St Christopher’s catchment areas (Bromley, Lewisham, Lambeth, Southwark, Croydon)

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Bereavement Buddy

Bereavement buddies

Why we need your help

Bereavement Buddies is a new volunteering role for us at St Christopher’s. We would like to match a volunteer to a person who has been recently bereaved to support them with their loss and grief. As a volunteer you would give one- to- one peer support and company. Most importantly you’ll be a listening ear to help someone at what might be a difficult time for them.

Activities you might perform:

  • providing company to them during this time;
  • listening and helping them to understand the feelings they are having,
  • helping them to reflect on their experience, identify and achieve personal wellbeing goals
  • by providing practical support if appropriate;

If you feel able to take on this role you will play a huge part in helping us to achieve our vision, in which all dying people and those close to them have access to care and support, whenever and wherever they need it.

We work with bereaved people every year, and we know that bereavement has physical and mental impacts with many different conflicting feelings and emotions. Bereavement can profoundly impact you, and early bereavement (the period immediately after a death) can be particularly hard, confusing and isolating. If you have been caring for someone before their death you may have more complicated feelings and impacts.

Most people don’t need professional counselling to cope with a bereavement. But those who have social support from others are likely to do better. That’s why we would like people in the community, particularly those who have already had this experience, to support others as a peer of theirs. We know that peer support and social connections between people can play a huge role in helping a bereaved person to deal with death, loss and grief and maintain their health and wellbeing. But as a peer, a Buddy, we’re also asking people to provide a safe and non-judgmental space for sharing confusing emotions that sometimes it is hard to share with family members and friends.

Volunteer Role: Bereavement Buddy (PDF)

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