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Want to volunteer but aren’t sure it’s for you?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! Who says volunteering means you have to give up every Saturday for the next five years? That is not how we see it, so we’ve written these myth busting facts to cover a few of the basics, so you can choose the right volunteering opportunity to suit your skills, passions and lifestyle.

A little time goes a long way…

  • Give what you can – we have lots of ways to get involved and most require less time than you think
  • Use your best skills – you have so much knowledge and experience to offer, so be bold and proud of that
  • Keep to your passions – whether you’re wild about vintage clothing or want to support those who are bereaved, choose a role that matches your interests
  • Ask us questions – remember it’s a two-way process and our volunteering team are available to answer all your burning questions
  • Just breathe – just be yourself; we’re really not that scary and we can’t wait to meet you
  • Don’t see something that fits? – remember, if you have skills and experiences to offer which do not match any of our available roles, please get in touch!

Still have questions?

Read our volunteering FAQs

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