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Choose the date, the time and the distance
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Your choice

Choose the date, the time and the distance #WalkYourWay

We are asking our supporters across the country to get together with friends and family and host their own Walk Your Way – remembering someone special for St Christopher’s when you #WalkYourWay.

Hosting your own walk gives you the opportunity to make sure it is right for you, from wellie walks to wheelchair friendly walks. Contact our team to find out how we can help you. Maybe you want to get away from it all and plan something in the Lake District, or somewhere slightly warmer and dryer, the beaches of Barcelona perhaps?

Whatever walk you choose make it a fun one! Include a pint in a country pub, through a forest or why not enjoy an urban safari in your favourite city?

So come on – you choose the place, the time and the distance and sign up today for a Walk Your Way pack below.

  • Sign up for a Walk Your Way pack

  • The type of walk is up to you

    The great thing about doing Walk Your Way is you get to choose exactly what you want to do! You get to pick the terrain (country, city, hills or mountains), distance, time – even the season!

    Make a day of it and go for a pub lunch or end with a celebratory event that keeps on fundraising, like a disco or a special dinner. You could even host a raf e or arrange a fundraising auction to raise even more money.

    Make sure it’s legal

    Seek permission from the local council if you’re a large group walking and on public land. If you are unsure if you need permissions please let us know and we can verify this. We can supply a letter of authorisation.

    Make it a ‘miles in memory’ event

    Walking in memory of a loved one can bring people of all ages and from all walks of life together to remember and celebrate.

    Because each person is unique, you can choose to honour them in your own special way that matters to you. For instance, why not celebrate their birthday date, a special anniversary or even their lucky number in miles?

  • Dog walk

    Why don’t you ask your friends to get sponsorship for their dogs rather than the owners? The dogs could compete for a dog hamper to raise the most money.

    Colour walk

    Walkers in your group could all wear the same colour, perhaps a colour of signi cance? Or you could all clash with the brightest colours and styles you can nd and make sure your walk stands out from the crowd!

    Fancy dress

    Let’s face it, it’s not often you get to walk around dressed as your favourite cartoon character or in a superhero costume, so let your imagination take over and embrace your inner child!

    Wellie walk

    This could be great for the kids – especially if you pick a route where you know there could be puddles for splashing in!

    Marathon walk

    Not all marathons have to be a crazy run. You could make it just as much of a challenge for you and your friends by strolling a route of 26.2 miles instead.

    Happy feet can help the hospice too

    Get your school involved by asking the pupils to wear some personalised footwear or brightly coloured socks for a day and making a donation to the hospice.

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