Interview top tips

Got an interview? Great news!

Well, first of all, we’ve got everything crossed for you, but we know that interviews can sometimes feel a bit daunting. So, we’ve written these top tips to cover a few of the basics so you can concentrate on the important stuff – like being on time, making sure you’ve switched your phone off and deciding what sort of coffee we can get you.

A few reminders for your interview:

  • Memorise a name – remember who to ask for when you get to reception. There are lots of lovely people that work here, we just need to know which one you’re here to see
  • Try not to ramble – Clear, concise answers are always best, but make sure you answer the question
  • Know where you’re going – we’ve got two locations and sometimes interviews are conducted virtually, so make sure you check with the HR/People team
  • Ask us questions – remember it’s a two-way process, so use the interview to ask all those burning questions
  • Just breathe – just be yourself; we’re really not that scary
  • Use the STAR method – make sure you always introduce the situation, describe the task that needed to be done, explain the action you took and tell us the results.

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