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Work experience and placements

Learn more about student placements and professional shadowing at St Christopher's

Summer School

St Christopher’s Summer School is for you if you are keen to experience work in health and care.

This five day course could be the springboard for your future career. The summer school is for current students aged 16-19 and runs in July each year.

Student placements

St Christopher’s has agreements in place with specific universities for nursing, medical and other clinical placements.

For undergraduate students who are undertaking a course where a clinical placement is required we kindly ask you to make your requests via your tutor or placement coordinator at your university.

St Christopher’s clinical teams will only offer clinical placements for students via their universities.

Short term professional shadowing

At postgraduate or qualified level we are able to accommodate a shadowing and observation visit in the following areas;

  • Rehabilitation including Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Complementary Therapy.
  • Nursing – wards
  • Medicine
  • Social work

All of these visits are subject to availability. To enquire about a visit please email and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

Additional opportunities

Education courses

We offer a programme of education and training events covering a range of subjects related to palliative and end of life care, from conferences featuring expert speakers discussing the latest issues to practical skills training days led by experienced clinicians and carers.


From events, to hand massage to counselling – we have a variety of volunteering opportunities with different time commitments. Take a look at our current roles.

We offer a Bereavement Counsellor volunteer role which includes clinical supervision and access to Schwartz Round.

Please note that we are unable to accommodate requests for volunteering or work experience from young people aged 15 and under.